French Football Academy’s mission is to develop our youth soccer players by putting them in a competitive environment with high quality coaching and a French curriculum that is designed to help them reach their full potential. 

With a designed curriculum and methodology, and through diverse sessions, tests, activities, games, challenges, and 1&1 interactions, your player over a period from September 2023 to June 2024, divided into 3 distinct seasons (Fall, Winter, Spring), will grow emotionally, build on character, develop their hard skills, from technical, to tactical, and physical (all data-driven based on specific player's age), and also evolve on their soft skills with our psycho-social challenges, learn about teamwork, dedication, resilience, above all, foster continued love for the game.



  • Age 8-18
  • Elite level games and Tournaments
  • Performance monitoring
  • Year round program
  • Pro License coach - French Football Methodology


  • Strive for both coaching and excellence
  • Focus on the growth of each individual’s ability and social well-being.
  • Committed to share sporting and educational values: PLEASURE, RESPECT, TOLERANCE, COMMITMENT, SOLIDARITY.


Each Elite Academy team will train a minimum of 2 times a week with a game on the weekend. These teams intend to support the long-term development of our youth soccer players.


Teams will be participating in any of these three competitive leagues throughout the NY/NJ area: EDP, NYCSL or CJSL



Our Elite Academy teams training sessions will be located just minutes from the Upper East Side in Manhattan, in the 480-acre complex of Randall’s Island. Games will also be played at Randall’s Island on the weekends.



Our Elite Academy teams training sessions will be located at Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 5 or at Socceroof Indoor Complex. Games will also be played at Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 5 or Randall’s Island

TRANSPORTATION (Manhattan teams only)

A licensed school bus, fully equipped with seat belts and two-way radio dispatch, is provided by French Football Academy for the training sessions and will be departing from 76th Street and York Avenue at 3:50pm. Children will be dropped off at their home within major residential districts of Manhattan.

Drop off will vary depending on our academy team registrations

Planning pick up Acadey teams


Elite Academy tuition differs regarding the age of the team and location and covers the following areas:

  • Bus transportation for practices;
  • League fees;
  • Referee fees;
  • Indoor field rentals and tournaments;
  • Official French Football Academy home and away kits;
  • French Football Academy track suit;
  • French Football Academy practice kits;
  • Coach compensation.

French Football Academy offers a range of payment and schedule options.

Please contact us at for further details.