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Our FFA Soccer Schools have been the hallmark of our approach, allowing all players under the guidance of our French & US Soccer Federation qualified coaches to spend 60 to 90 minutes classes and experiment the French player development methodology, DNA of our program. 

We deeply believe in creating a child-centered, player devoted, and coach-supported environment in which our educators can guide the human being behind the player, to its highest potential. Following a specifically designed curriculum strictly build around the player and focused on a complete holistic development, our classes through a variety of activities, sessions, tests, games, 1&1 and small group interactions, both on and off the field, an ideal time format, pushes players to develop at a much faster pace their hard skills, from technical, to tactical, and physical (all data-driven based on specific player's age), and also evolve on their soft skills with our psycho-social challenges.

The Pre-Academy program is designed for the players who would like to join the Travel Teams, our Elite Program, and/or  for those who want to improve their soccer skills and comprehension of the game. The first class is the evaluation class. If the player doesn’t fit the level or need a lower level of instructions, the club will reach out and recommend a better fit. Placement in a travel team is always sanctioned by a tryout prior. These classes allow you and your players to have the closest level of instructions to the travel program and ensure you have the best possible chances of success upon evaluation. The coaches are also Academy Head Coaches and will send in a "Ready for the Academy" recommendation as soon as he feels your player needs to join the competitive environment. 

We cannot wait to see both you and your player join us for what will be an experience unlike any other (and we do really mean that). 


Saturday Classes at Trevor Day Gymnasium (UES):

9.00 to 10.00am: players born in 2016 to 2014

10.00 to 11.00am:  players born in 2013 to 2010

Price without fee: $495