Upcoming Camps

Winter  Camp Dates: 

Monday February 17th to Friday February 21st  (Socceroof)


Spring  Camp Dates:

Monday April 6th to Friday April 10th (Randall's Island)

Monday April 13th to Friday April 17th (Socceroof)


Summer Camp Dates:  

Monday June 22nd to Friday June 26th (Randall's Island)

Monday June 29th to Friday July 3rd (Randall's Island)

Monday June 29th to Friday July 3rd (Westchester, Flower Park)

Monday July 6th to Friday July 10th ( Brooklyn Bridge Pier 5)

Monday July 13th to Friday July 17th ( Brooklyn Bridge Pier 5)

Monday July 20th to Friday July 24th ( Brooklyn Bridge Pier 5)

Monday July 27th to Friday July 31th ( Brooklyn Bridge Pier 5)

Monday August 17th to Friday August 21st (Randall's Island)

Monday August 24th to Friday August 28th (Randall's Island)

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Mbappé Day

Pogba Day
Griezmann Day

Dembélé Day
(Dribble, Pass, Shoot)

World Cup Day
Warm up & StretchesWarm up & StretchesWarm up & StretchesWarm up & StretchesWarm up & Stretches
Technical work (dribbling)Technical work (passing)Technical work (shooting)Technical workWorld Cup
Themed small sided gamesThemed small sided gamesThemed small sided gamesThemed small sided gamesWorld Cup
ScrimmagesScrimmagesPenalty Shootout CompetitionScrimmagesWorld Cup
Cool downCool downCool downCool downEnd of week camp ceremony



FAQ for Camps: 


Which locations does French Football Academy use for their camps? 

Our camps are located at Randall’s Island, Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 5 and Flower Park in New Rochelle. We are always looking for additional sites!

What do I need to bring?

Kids are expected to come in ready to play soccer. Bring cleats/indoors shoes and shinguards. Players should wear a soccer outfit if they do not have the uniform already! 


Uniforms will only be given on the first day to players register 4 or 5 days. If you wish to purchase a uniform for players with "day pass" please let us know.


Sunscreen and hat are highly recommended!


Is Lunch included?

Lunch and snacks are not included. 

However, we do provide water. Please bring a water bottle that can be refilled!


What does a day of summer camp looks like? 

The morning session (9am-12pm) is focused on drills and small-sided games for the topic of that specific day. (Passing, dribbling, shooting etc…)

Lunch is from 12pm-1pm. 

At 1pm, each group is put into a larger game scenario where the coaches see if the players can implement what they learned in the morning session into a game scenario. 

Can I get an extra uniform? 

Yes, additional uniforms can be bought for $50 dollars.  Please send request at info@fffacademy.com


My son loves it so much, can he tryout for the travel teams ?

You can register for a tryout on our website or by sending an email to Maxime Desplan recruitment@fffacademy.com or you can contact him by phone 646-207-8238


Bullying-Free, Aggression-Free Camp

Please be aware that this is a bullying-free and aggression-free camp. Coaches have been instructed to keep an eye on any disrespect and bullying. We do not tolerate bullying, and when a disrespectful situation happens, kids will be warned, then sat down, and if needed parents will be called to send kids back home. If a kid is sent home for misbehavior or bullying, there will be no refund for the missed day or days.


Peanut-Free Camp! 

We ask not to bring anything containing peanuts. It is meant to be a peanut-free camp.