David Bettoni's INTERVIEW

"The coaches are strongly grounded on the FFF methodology, which gives them a solid frame to get the best out of their players."

Last week, we were honored to have received the visit of David Bettoni, former professional player in France and Italy, and former assistant coach working with Zinédine Zidane in Madrid.

David visited the Academy, attended coach meetings and many training sessions throughout the week. It was a pleasure to share his passion of football and get his valuable feedback from his stay with us.

Hello everyone, my name is David Bettoni, I am 52 years old, and I am a professional football coach.

I come from Lyon. I learned soccer  when I was 16 and I joined the AS Cannes team. I went on through the different age categories and ended up in the professional team that was playing in the main French league at the time. I also played in the French 2nd League for some time.

Afterwards, I played for 6 years in Italy and then decided to end my career in Cannes. Once I retired, I started my training to become a coach.

Initially, I had the opportunity to coach young players, from 13 to 19 years old in Cannes. Later, I started my second career as a professional coach with Zinedine Zidane in Madrid, working for this amazing club during 7 years.


I went to New York to learn English because it is essential for coaches to be able to communicate with players in English.


Zohair Ghenania recently invited me to join the French Football Academy training sessions. During this time; I noticed the coaches speaking to the players about soccer moves and drills, in terms that are very specific to the sport.

I attended trainings with the coaches to give them and the players some feedback. The main idea was to share my experience and I was happy to see that coaches were open to discuss and exchange ideas about how to improve.

It was really interesting because they all have different backgrounds, come from different cultures and have their own way to express their vision of coaching, while at the same time, they are all strongly grounded on the FFF methodology, which gives them a solid frame to get the best out of their players.

They have an interesting training model, and I was able to witness the great work that has been done so far by the staff. I feel like it has been a very enriching week for coaches and players alike.

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