Meet Maxime, coach at the french football academy !

Tell us about yourself !

I started playing soccer at age 6 and fell in love with the sport. I played non-stop until I was 19, and had the opportunity to play in the French National Youth Division with professional players. Soccer helped me obtain the level of dedication and commitment required at an elite level.

After I decided to stop playing soccer competitively, I worked as a firefighter in France for over 10 years.

When did you join the French Football Academy ?

In 2019, I moved in New York City with my wife, who is American. I started working with FFF Academy 2 years ago as the Head Coach of the 2010 Manhattan team. I’ve had the opportunity to grow within the Club, becoming the Youth Program Coordinator in February 2022.

I’m currently working on my coaching certifications; I completed the Grassroots curriculum and will be moving on to the D License before the end of 2022.

What is your coaching philosophy ?

For the development of players, specifically youth players, my role is to give them as many tools as I can to help them resolve problems they will face at a higher pace in the future. In some situations, they have to find a solution in less than half a second. I want to help them think about the game, self-questioning every decisions they are taking, and react immediately to the following problem they will face.
For example, when a player explain me why he decided to play on the left instead of the right, he is on a the good path, even if different solutions existed.

What is your favorite team and best player ?

My favorite Club is PSG, but my Heart Club is Red Star 93.
My favorite player is Ronaldo, El Fenomeno (the real/first/true one !!)