Meet Ian, coach at the french football academy !

Tell us about yourself 

I was born in Paris (Charenton-le-Pont) and grew up in Salt Lake City. I studied music composition in college. While growing up, I played piano, drums, and later electronic instruments. My main youth sport was ski racing where I was an alternate for the Junior Olympics. Later I competed semi-professionally in freeskiing.

What type of coaching degree do you have and Where did you get it ?

I have the United Soccer Coaches 7v7/9v9 diploma, as well as the USSF C license.

Tell us about your soccer player experience ?

I have played soccer since I was 5 years old in recreational leagues, then travel, then various local teams. I started as an inverted 11, but ended up as a 9. I decided to hang up my playing boots when I started coaching in 2017. I started coaching for Super Soccer Stars in 2017. Through them I started coaching travel for Metuchen Soccer Club, and then for Soccer Stars United. I also coached for Packer High School's Boys Varsity Soccer team from 2018-2020, and then Junior Varsity Boys in 2020.

When did you join the FFF ?

I joined the FFF in August 2021. Last year I coached Brooklyn 2010s (Lemar), and Manhattan 2013/14s (Hernandez). This year I will be taking Manhattan 2013s (Hernandez).

What is your coaching philosophy ?

My philosophy is centered around growth through engagement. I believe that the more engaged every individual player is, the more that individual or all players of that group benefit. Increased engagement from all participants creates an ecology where improvement is more likely to find itself, in aggregate. The greater the ability and character of any group, the greater the potential for improvement from any individual within that group.

What is your favorite team and best player ?

I have loved PSG since I first watched games when I was little with my uncle in France, but I really like watching players rather than teams. Watching Mbappe, Katoto, Pogba, Benzema, Debinha, Hulk, Lavelle, Messi so far this season, the Lebron James of soccer (despite not loving Chelsea), and a bunch more is what makes me happy.