EDP Cup Fall 2022 - The French Football Academy performed !

The French Football Academy attended the EDP Cup Fall 2022 in New Jersey, weekend October 8-9 !

Part of the EDP Cup Series – The EDP Cup Fall takes place Columbus Day Weekend and is a chance for top teams from around the country to compete against teams from different platforms creating a best vs best experience.

The following Academy Teams were attending the event :

-French Football Academy 2009 - Dembele

-French Football Academy 2009 - Griezmann

-French Football Academy 2010 - Pavard

-French Football Academy 2011 - Pogba

-French Football Academy 2012 - Mbappé

We want to congratulate everybody, from the coaches to the players, specifically the 2010 Academy Team that remained undefeated and won the U13 tournament !

Great job guys !





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