Meet Pierre, coach at the french football academy !

Tell us about yourself 

I was born in Provence of an English mother and an American father before moving to the US at age 14. I studied Philosophy and Spanish at university and worked in luxury hospitality before discovering my passion for education. My other passion is writing.

What type of coaching degree do you have ?

I have a USSF D license.

Tell us about your soccer player experience ?

I play in the cosmopolitan league here in NYC! I am a box-to-box center mid.

When did you join the FFF ?

I coached for 3 years at Park Slope United. I joined during the summer of 2021. I coach the 2009 Brooklyn Dembele team (a.k.a. the best 2009 team ;)).

What is your coaching philosophy ?

I try to keep a holistic mindset and foster all 4 cornerstones of individual player development: the technical, the tactical, the physical and the social. Soccer is an amazing tool in life, for me and for millions of people around the world, so I hope to
translate that to every kid that I work with. But a coach doesn’t have all the answers—all I can do is guide—and what interests me most is to teach self-motivation, analytical tools and a growth mindset so kids can take their development in their own hands.

What is your favorite team and best player ?

I support 2 teams: Manchester United and Olympique de Marseille. My favorite player at the moment would have to be Valentin Rongier.