Meet Charles, coach at the french football academy !

Tell us about yourself 

I was born in Paris, France and moved to Connecticut at the age of 2. I attended FASNY (French American School of NY) and LFNY (Lycée Français de NY), WCC and Université de Montréal where I studied in Communications (Broadcast Journalism) and Political Science.

I lived abroad in Tabasco,Mexico for 3 years and worked as Foreign Language Teacher.

I had a 12-year career in Tourism, Hospitality and Event Management but made an exciting decision to change my career to coaching in 2021 and I couldn’t be happier.

My hobbies include cooking, history, and travel, but my passion is of course football (soccer). Most people don’t get the chance to pursue their passion as a career, but I consider myself very fortunate to be able to do so.

What type of coaching degree do you have and Where did you get it ?

Currently I have the US Soccer Federation Grass Roots Coaching License since I began in 2021 but I am pursuing the D License in 2022.

Tell us about your soccer player experience ?

I was captain of the French American School of NY JV & Varsity (FASNY) teams (1996-1999)

When did you join the FFF ?

I joined the FFF Academy in August of 2021. I am the Head Coach for the Brooklyn 2011 team (U-11)

What is your coaching philosophy ?

In one word, generosity (with our efforts and with the ball).

Possession is crucial ; let the ball do the work and make the opposition run.

Patience on the ball when building out and boldness when in the attacking third.

Always be adaptable to the opposition you are facing, as no 2 matches will ever be alike.

Everyone must defend.

What is your favorite team and best player ?

My favorite team is Paris Saint-Germain, and my favorite player is Blaise Matuidi. I admire the high IQ players that give everything they have in all facets of the game. Class act on and off the pitch.

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