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Why Choose FFF Academy?

  1. We are the official academy of the World Champions Federation. 
  2. Many of the greatest football nations have adopted systems inspired by the French model, which still represents the benchmark in international training. Indeed, the greatest European clubs recruit the best French players at an increasingly early age (Pogba, Varane, Mbappe, Dembele…).
  3. We are proud to be part of the great FFF Academy family and to be directly linked to a high-standard World class model, committed to sharing sporting and educational values: PLEASURE, RESPECT, TOLERANCE, COMMITMENT, SOLIDARITY. 
  4. We are not only aiming at teaching our children all the fundamentals of soccer but also focus on the growth of each individual’s ability and social well-being.
  5. Our soccer programs are supervised by Jean-Claude Lafargue, director of INF Clairefonatine in Paris, one the best academies in the World that produced talents such as Henry, Matuidi, Mbappe etc. 
  6. We carefully select our coaches for their international experience, understanding of our methodology and patience and care for our young players.
  7. We provide the most comprehensive Competitive & Recreational soccer programs in NYC available for boys and girls from U6 to U13.
  8. We are proud of our diverse community and we are committed to youth development rewarding excellence but also respect, discipline, and ambition.
  1. We strongly believe that the US/NYC/NJ children are talented and they need the French methodology to become world-class players. The MLS itself signed a training agreement with the FFF to train youth coaches: after researched the different training development programmes available across Europe, the MLS chose the FFF one because it has the unique ability to enable coaches to develop the very highest standards, both  on the pitch and also in the education and promotion of the values of sport.
  1. We strongly believe that we can take every player to the next level regardless his skills by implementing a unique methodology in a safe and fun environment.